1-  GIVERNON TOURISME – Rental Station (THE RENTER), rents to the client (THE TENANT), whose signature appears on the front of this document, the designed equipment on the front. This rental falls under the present general conditions and the particular conditions specified on the front that THE TENANT agrees upon.

2-  THE TENANT declares that he holds a liability insurance policy.

3-  THE TENANT declares being able to ride the cycle or any other rented vehicle, declares no having medical restrictions and declares not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4-  The rental agreement is not assignable or transferable. The loan or sublease of equipment provided by THE RENTER is strictly prohibited.

5-  The rental takes effect at the moment THE TENANT takes possession of the cycle or any other vehicles and accessories that are delivered to him. THE TENANT will carry the responsibility of the custody.

6-  This contract is effective only for the rental period as specified in the special conditions on the front of this document. Any extension

of the contract will be subject to the formal written agreement of the RENTER.

7-  THE TENANT acknowledges receiving the cycle or any other vehicle rented in good working condition with all the standard equipment. The TENANT declares that enough time was granted to check the equipment and choose it according to their needs.

8-  THE TENANT agrees to use the cycle or any other vehicle rented with care, without putting third parties at risk and in accordance with regulations. THE TENANT is personally liable for any infringement of the road regulations and standard and is liable for the bodily injury and material damage he/she may cause when using the rented equipment. The liability of the RENTER is engaged for any non-compliance with legal requirements or refusal of wearing all compulsory protective equipment (helmet for example).

9-  Repairs, maintenance and exchange of parts or tires resulting from normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the RENTER. Repairs made without the formal written agreement of the RENTER will not be refunded. It is strictly forbidden for the TENANT to modify the rented equipment.

10-  THE TENANT agrees to park the equipment onto a fixed attachment point with a lock (provided by the RENTER) outside periods of use, keeping the keys of the lock in a safe location.

11-  In case of theft of rented equipment, THE TENANT must notify THE RENTER within one HOUR at +33 (0)7 66 44 82 22 and file a complaint with the relevant authorities and provide the renter with the aforementioned complaint.

12-  In case of breakdown THE TENANT must bring the cycle or any other rented vehicle back to the point of departure.

13-  THE TENANT personally engages his responsibility for the damage and theft suffered by the rented equipment. However THE TENANT cannot be held responsible for the harmful consequences of latent defects of the rented equipment or the non-apparent wear that made the equipment unsuitable for the use it is intended for in the case the proof of said defects or wear cannot be brought by THE TENANT. THE TENANT will carry the cost of the necessary repairs.

14-  THEFT AND LOSS OF EQUIPMENTS ARE NOT COVERED. In these cases, the equipment will be charged to the TENANT on the basis of its value. In case of theft by THE TENANT or any damage resulting from not enforcing the law and the applicable regulation, or the terms and conditions of the present contract, THE RENTER is entitled to claim the full financial value of the damage suffered.

15-  At the moment the equipment is provided by THE RENTER, the TENANT is asked to pay a deposit or to provide his/her identity document as a guarantee, which will be returned to the TENANT upon return of the equipment and he hypothetical cost deduction/ additional billing for any damage provided above. The deposit cannot be used to cover a rental extension.

16-  The return of rented equipment will be done at least 15 minutes before the end of rental schedule provided in the contract.

17-  In the event of any dispute relating to this contract, the competent Court will be the RENTER’s headquarters.


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